Best Tips to Survive a Holiday Trip

Wherever you are planning to go for a vacation or going for a short journey during the Christmas holidays, you need to understand that you are not the only one who is on holiday. Don’t let the heavy traffic, the long lines and security procedures at the airport ruin your vacation. In this article, we will give tips on how to enjoy and survive holiday vacation without losing your mind.

Research everything

According to Yorkshire Magazine, planning alternative trips if something comes up, is necessary to save on money and make sure that your trip will not be boring, or too make sure that you don’t spend too much time on unnecessary stopovers. Longer way with better sceneries and with less traffic can be a good alternative for shorter but with heavy traffic route. You can break up a long and tedious drive by finding a pleasant and enjoyable pit stop to rest and eat. It will make the kids more excited compared to just going for a regular truck rest stop. When you are flying, makes sure that you research the airline’s restrictions and regulations on carry-on luggage as well as the fees on your checked bags.

Always stay connected

Make sure to be always up-to-date with the latest travel cell phone applications before going on a vacation. You can check mobile phone apps like to get the latest on journey cards, airport cards or car rentals. If you are making a road trip, make sure to check everything about your trip. You need to know where to find the cheapest gas on the road or the gas station and truck stop with the cleanest bathrooms. Also check whether the way you will be taking is prone to heavy traffic and if yes, look for an alternate route.

Always pack light

If you are flying, avoid bringing too much baggage. As much as possible, pack lightly, bring all the necessary items in your trip like clothes, toiletries and a few gadgets like cell phones and camera. If it is possible, avoid carrying a laptop. With less baggage comes fewer security procedures and you won’t wait too long for your bags on the conveyor belt. And always remember that you still have to bring presents and souvenirs back home. So, if you have too many bags when you start your trip, imagine how much baggage you’ll be carrying back home with all the presents, gifts and souvenirs from your trip.

In every vacation make sure to pack every necessary item like medications, important documents like passports, tickets and travel itineraries, and most importantly, devices to capture your vacation like mobile phones and digital cameras.

Make sure not to get “Hangry.”

When you are hungry, you can’t think straight. You can get in the wrong line on the airport, take the wrong road when you are driving or worse, get in a heated argument with innocent people around you like the flight attendant, your friends, family or even strangers. Always pack small snacks and bottled water. If you are making a road trip, make sure to pack snacks and drinks enough for the whole family. If you are flying, make sure that you ate before going to the airport. Some airports have food kiosk, but you might find the price of their food too expensive, so make sure you have snacks and bottled water at hand before boarding the plane. Flights might get delayed, and airline foods are costly.

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Travel on off-peak days

Any days before a big holiday is a big travel day. Expect a large volume of travelers at the airport or on the road. Make sure to make your vacation 3 to 4 days before the holiday season to avoid congestion at the airport or on the road.

Travelling either early in the morning or late in the day

According to studies, people going early in the morning, late in the afternoon or at night will have a higher chance to avoid any problems like a flight delay or long line at the airport. If you are in an early morning flight and you missed your plane, you will have enough time to book for a later flight. There are also fewer people in the security line that early in the morning or late in the afternoon. When you are making a road trip, the best time to hit the road is when people are still asleep in the morning or the evening. Evening drive is a little dangerous, but if you make sure you have a full sleep and your car is well maintained (breaks, lights and everything), you don’t need to worry about safety.