8 Powerful Tips for Article Writers on How to Keep Your Employer

Online article writing is a great way to find a means of income. It has grown so fast that you can earn as much as 15 dollars per hour in technical writing. Even when you are an amateur in the writing field, it is possible for you to find your way to success and earn as much as the experienced ones. When you see a long-term employer that pays you consistently for your articles, never let go of him/her. He/she might be your key to a successful online career. Here are some tips for article writers on how to keep your employer.

1. prepare all the equipment if you can help you in writing, usually the author uses microsoft word to help their writing, of course this needs additional support in the form of office 2016 activator so that all features can be run to help the process of making your content.

2. Do some research on the company or website that your employer is working for. Most employers outsource their writing job. It is of advantage when you do background research on his/her company or site so that you will have an overview of their writing styles and the topics they are writing about.

3. Directly supply what is asked for. Employers usually provide you with the concepts that they want to be seen in the article. Revolve the story-line in these concepts because it is unlikely that the employers are going to publish something that doesn’t fit their criteria. Take note of some basic instructions that can be missed out. For example, when the employer asks for a 750-word article, make sure you comply with it. Most publications have set a template in which the item should fit into. When the article does not fit into the model, the employer cannot maximize its use.

4. Familiarize your readers. Take note that aside from your employer, you have to impress your readers as well. Keep in mind the interest of your target readers because they are essential in creating a market for your article. When your readers see that your article is interesting and informative, they will keep on looking for new articles written by you. Also, make sure that you avoid using technical words that might not be understood by your readers.

5. Be an expert on the topic that you are writing. Being knowledgeable about the subject allows you to conceptualize the points easily you would like to be discussed in your article. Write on topics that will enable you to express your thoughts and opinion fully. Every writer has their strengths with regards to article writing. Writing informative articles about it will increase your credibility not only to your employer but to your readers as well.

6. Send in your report on time. Some writers lose a contract because of late submission. When you are given a submission deadline, stick to it. At times, there may be unexpected circumstances that make it impossible to submit the written article on time. In this case, you have to inform the employer ahead and tell him/her of the alternative date and time that you can submit it. Keep track of your time as this enhances your professionalism in the eyes of your employer.

7. Don’t be discouraged with rejections. Article rejections are part of writing. Remember, the employer is not rejecting your skills, only the article you are writing. Never take it personally, or you’ll find yourself not submitting any other articles again.

8. Continually update your skills. Read books on article writing, search the internet for educational strategies and get an opinion from experts. By doing this, you are providing your employer with reasons for him to stay and not to look for other writers.

Every employer wants to hire a consistent writer. You may not be the cream of the crop, but with your consistency and with your excellent work ethics, you will have a long way to go in your writing career.